Valentine’s Day


Love shouldn’t just be celebrated on a particular day once a year. Love isn’t candy and flowers. It doesn’t consist of cute red and pink hearts, nor does it always come disguised as kisses under a much too perfect moonlit night. Valentines Day speaks of longevity through storms, choice through fire and commitment through conflict. It’s impossible to fall out of love when you become aware falling into something was never a good idea anyway. We love because we choose them over us. We love because He first loved us. We love because we finally understand what risk and sacrifice were really about and it wasn’t what the world thought.

Love isn’t just a word or a feeling. Feelings come and go. If love was a feeling, Jesus wouldn’t have laid His life down for humanity. In the garden, He asked the Father, if this cup could pass Him, but He didn’t operate off of His feelings, but rather the will of the Father. So, what is love? Love is a person and that person is Jesus! He is our example. Love died on a cross. It wasn’t anything beautiful. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Love bled! Love emptied itself! Love is dying to self. Love is sacrificial, committed, risky, vulnerable, loyal, and devoted! We, as children of God are called to love like Christ, but do we really? What would our world look like if we truly and genuinely loved like Christ? We can confess our love , but love is to be demonstrated by a life living and flowing in the love of Christ, for words are cheap.

Our world tells us to take, which is the opposite of Gods kingdom. The world offers the counterfeit. It tells us to take when we are called to give. We aren’t to be just recipients of love. We are to give expecting nothing in return. What is love without risk and sacrifice? What is love without challenge and conflict? It would be devoid of meaning. We think love should be easy and not require work. But love IS work! As Pat Benatar puts it, Love is a Battlefield!

Without risk, there is no reward. Jesus risked and His reward was you and I, and all those who would make Him their choice. As you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it shouldn’t be a day to go out and make up for anything, rather a day to recognize the love we are allowed and should be giving every day to those we love!