Understanding our Make-Up; Toxic Thoughts

Today’s blog comes from a dear friend of ours! She is an amazing evangelist with an even greater testimony! Be encouraged as you read today’s blog on how to understand our make-up and how that relates to our thinking process, our souls and our thoughts! Thanks you, Deborah Martinez for your time and encouragement here!


Anxiety1It can be so freeing to our whole existence when we understand how we are made, we don’t have to be governed by our unhealthy thoughts or mood swings and emotional ups and downs. Our make up simply means, what we’re made of (our entire being).

First we need to understand that we are a triune being – spirit/soul/body
 *spirit = intuition, communion, conscience
       *soul = intellect, emotions, free will = mind
       *body = physical substance, what we can see.

We are a thinking being = you think, you choose, you create intrinsically – not a robot! With our mind we are able to think like God because when we were born of the Spirit, God’s Spirit came to dwell in us therefore we can choose with our mind, our mind changes our brain function as we fill our thoughts with the Word of God. Our mind is more powerful than our brain, healthy thoughts produce a healthy brain, which causes in affect a healthy lifestyle. That is why the word of God says in Romans 12:2 and do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can live a life free of unhealthy thought patterns, which are called toxic thoughts, that can cause depression, physical and mental illnesses. It has been proven that there is no one beyond help through the power of God. He sent his son Jesus to give us Zoe life, His life, the God life(eternal life).

There are three different types of life that we actually live. There is the Bios life, this Greek word refers to the life of the physical body and is where we get the word biology. Then there is the Psuche life, the Greek word here refers to the psychological life of the human soul that is the mind the will and the emotions, this is where we get the word psychology. Lastly there is the Zoe life, here the Greek word refers to the uncreated, eternal life of God, the divine life uniquely possessed by God. Which means, the Spirit of God comes to live inside of us, we now therefore have the power to change the way we think and become healthy in our mind, soul and body.

It starts with choosing the life of God, Jesus offers us the eternal life of God  and we can say we receive it and still not live it. It has to do with what you feed your mind, it’s like our body, we can’t expect to eat junk food all the time and stay healthy, same thing with our mind we must replace wrong thinking (toxic thoughts) with Truth (the Word of God). As you begin the process of changing your thinking patterns, healthy cells are produced in your brain which promotes mental health. This obviously takes time and much effort, unfortunately many people choose to try and fix mental illness with medication, which has been proven to make matters worse. More than not there are no quick fixes. In my experience I have seen the Lord bring healing through a process of time. The first step is to admit you need help.


Christian Psychologist and Nero Scientists have made surprising discoveries about the function of the brain, that have brought healing to our world today. For further information and help on how to heal from depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation or any other mental disorders you can research Dr. Caroline Leaf, through her work and study as a Christian Scientist she is helping many people learn how to become healthy mind, soul and body.

I pray this little insight was helpful and a blessing to all who read it.
In His Service,
Deborah Martinez

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