Obedience with Conviction

UnknownIt’s with a boldness and conviction that I write this. Who am I to say any of this? I’ll tell you – I am the daughter of the Most High God. I am a joint heir with my Heavenly Father. I may not be a pastor or theologian, but I have a heart after the things of God. My desire is to follow Him and be obedient to His word; unafraid to use my voice and speak; to remember that God uses the least of these, the unlikely….

It saddens me that during these times, I see two groups of people. Both groups have faith, but two different kinds. I’ll do my best to put into words what my heart has been feeling.

We as a church are called to walk by faith. We know that without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Heb. 11:6). However, we are also called to submit the governing authorities. (Romans 13). By obeying God’s commands to do so, we are in turn obeying God Himself!

Right now, we are living in times where our faith is being tested. Will we come out of the fire refined or smelling like smoke? (Daniel 3:27) Will we walk in faith or fear? Will we walk in obedience to God’s Word or in disobedience?

Remember, God will NEVER ask us to do something that is contrary to His will!

We all sit under the authorities of our land. No one is exempt! We know that the Bible tells us “all authority has been placed in position by Him,” (Romans 13:1). He never asked our opinion! So, if we are told that during this time of crisis, we as a church can’t gather for a time being, why is it that some Pastors are going against authority and remaining open? To me, there’s no other way to call that than disobedience. This is where my heart grieves. Those that are going against orders are justifying their actions with scripture. Wow! They are calling it faith. Hmmmm- I questioned in my spirit “faith?” How can we call disobedience faith? Could it be pride – is it that maybe these people are trying to prove something? I see these people justifying their actions with scripture saying, “Look at the people in the Bible that didn’t obey and were arrested or martyred for their faith!”

Paul risked his life for the Gospel and was put in chains to get the gospel to the Nations when it was illegal! Paul wasn’t in disobedience to God here. People in the Word preached when they had NO other option! Their situations and circumstances were different. DON’T TWIST SCRIPTURE TO FIT OR JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS!!! We are not being told we cannot preach! We are not being told to bow down and worship other gods. If that were the case – then YES, we know we would only worship and bow down to the one and only true God. But, this is not the case!

We are being protected from a harmful virus and the only thing at stake of concern here is our health, NOT our Ministry! This is NOT a “Church” Agenda! While this is by far spiritual warfare on another level, the command to abstain from gatherings has nothing to do with shutting the Church doors. After all, the Church is the body of Christ, NOT the four walls. Our Ministry is how we lives our lives, NOT where we worship!

Not too long ago, there was another movement where the enemy counterfeited God’s grace and used people to justify their ways – which they deceptively thought they could get away with essentially anything because of “grace.” They still preached the gospel. They still proclaimed the name of Jesus. Now, we see a group of people who are operating in disobedience and calling it faith.

We know that in the evil days, the end times, there would be many that would be deceived. There would be false prophets. What’s scary is those that are in deception, don’t even know that they are in it. They are so deceived and blinded. They are so convinced and even use scripture to support their way of belief.

This group of believers may think they are walking in faith, but the deception is that they are actually walking in fear. Is the fear that if they submit governing authority, they will in turn have to give up even more? What is the motive of their hearts? It’s not for me to judge, only God can. These are just my thoughts.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31)

Truthfully, if we are obeying God, we will be taken care of and should have no fear of anything being taken away! When we submit to authority, whether we agree or disagree, that obedience allows God to come on the scene and work it all out for our good! (Rom. 8:28). Conversely, when we walk in DISobedience, we are walking in OUR authority and tie God’s hands back. We NEED to be certain WHO our God is and trust that what He’s asking us to do, submitting to the governing authorities will bring blessing on us.

Let’s stop mocking Christianity and making ourselves look bad! Let’s be a faith that adheres to the laws of the land and walks with integrity, obedience and sets an example to a lost, confused and dying world!

I know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me. Because of my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. 

(Psalm 41:11-12, NIV)

One thought on “Obedience with Conviction

  1. Yes, we should follow the law UNLESS it conflicts with the commands of God. Acts 5:29, “But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”
    Were not the apostles consistently put in prison for preaching the word? Are we then cowards to obey the commands of men rather than our commission to go, preach, and baptize? Hard to baptize during a pandemic if churches are not allowed to meet in person. We should obey the law, yes, unless it conflicts with Gods law and commands. God must be first or else we have made our country and government an idol. Who are you to say these ministers were not commanded by God to remain open, at fear of imprisonment fines and contraction of the virus, for the glory of God? Are we not to let our lights shine? Where is our conviction to serve the will of God over the will of men? The church was never supposed to be under the control of the state. But because of these churches decision to obey the state without question, now we have to get permission to be open! And they get to tell us how and how many we can be to worship God. As a church we set the example and the churches all declared, the laws of Man over the commission of God. Look at our world and our country, God is NOT pleased.


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