Vanessa’s Poems


Love bled

Let our hearts bleed love

Dripping and leaving a trail

A remnant of commitment and sacrifice

A love this world has never seen

A love so grand

One the finite mind can’t comprehend

There is a love that bled, bled on a cross

Emptying itself completely

Vulnerability displayed in the most unimaginable way

A love so raw and real

A love that many can’t bear to face

It causes all to make a choice

reject or embrace

Love bled

It bled for our hearts and soul

It gave all

It held nothing back

A love that does not refrain

A love that knows no bounds

Love bled

This love has a name…….His name is JESUS

Your Vastness
the vastness of Your love
the depth, the height, the width
it is limitless
deeper than the oceans
it never ends
Your calling us into the deep
no more tip toeing on the shore
there is so much more
the unseen
the mysteries
to dive into His vast love
swimming to places never seen
discovering treasure along the way
to be completely emerged
lost in the vastness of Your love

Master Musician
Your fingers gently stroke the strings of my heart
You give me a song that keeps me going on
the rhythm soothes my soul
making me whole
the vibration of the strings
awakens my heart
opening it to receive your melody
flowing thru my being
as You sing over me
You are the master musician
I am your instrument
play me as You wish

Heaven and Earth
when two worlds collide
Heaven and earth
God begins to birth
what was always supposed to be
a song of heaven filling the earth
the sweetest of melodies
ringing and changing the atmosphere
nothing is as it appears
He is doing something new
do you not see it?
look thru the lens of your soul
awakening our senses
to see and know
Heaven on earth!

Emerge Me
Emerge me in the depths of Your love
Shower me with Your kindness
Drench me with Your presence
the very being of Your essence
Your radiant splendor
the gentleman & romancer
You pursue & long for me
never giving up on me
You are beyond my wildest dreams
You challenge me to be more
not to remain the same
You removed the shame
for me You came
with open arms You took me in
changed me from the inside out
now Your love is all I talk about

 Seek Me
the more you seek Me
the more you will find Me
the more you find Me
the more you will want Me
the more you want Me
the more you receive
the more of My heart you will see
all that your created to be
a reflection of Me
beauty and life giver
giving to the world what has been lost
beauty, peace and rest
it’s time to stop being religious
rest in Me
I never intended life to be
apart from Me
come to Me
into My presence
there is where your heart will be whole
and out of you will flow
the abundance of my love. 

Jesus come into all the broken, bruised and shattered places
heal and restore
I’m no longer going to ignore
all the hurt and pain
remove the stains
so I can be the woman you created me to be
the image bearer of God
The enemy has lost his grip on me
No more hiding in the shadows of my shame
It’s time to play a new game
coming out from hiding in the secret places
putting on all the different faces
years have been wasted
the enemy deepening my wounds
never allowing them to heal
never being able to feel real
in who I am
but now I see my true identity
I have run into my Daddy’s arms allowed him to rescue me
the butterfly has broken out of the cocoon
her wings wide open letting her colors shine bright for all to see

Love Letter
You constantly write your love letter on my heart
Back to simplicity
The heart of a child
Even when we haven’t got to the treasure
May we never stop searching and seeking
A miner works tirelessly, digging for the gold!
May we never stop, back away, surrender, shy away from our great reward!
It’s time to change our perspective, our attitude
We’re always wanting God to come and chip away at our heart. What if we began to not expect anything from Him, but instead we gave to Him all of our adoration, worship and love! Is He not deserving of it all?

Wild Fires
Bring your fire
It’s my desire
Consume us with your love
Ignite a passion in our hearts
This is just the start
Of wildfires!
From a spark to a raging fire
Take us higher
May our embers spread
And bring to life the dead
Light the world on fire
With your love
This is just the start of
Nothing can contain it
Nothing can quench it
It’s raging, it’s blazing
Burning thru the night
So all the lost can see the light!
This is just the start of
Holy Spirit breath on me
Fan the flame!

In His Presence
In his presence
oh the sweet sweet fragrance almighty majesty
clearly I see
Opens me
To receive
All that you have for me
In the secret place
Where we see your face
The comfort of your embrace
You show me your heart
and your love for me
It’s so overwhelming
Give us more
Fill our core
Continually poor
In us your love!

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