Happy New Year – 2018!


Friendship is costly! We have said this from the beginning and 2017 was our year to practice what we preached! Literally through blood, sweat and tears we PUSHED through trials most friendships couldn’t sustain! Our love for each other has always been bigger than any storm we faced and through it all, we held Daddy’s hand and each other’s! In 2017, we embarked on new journeys, expanded our blog, started our own show and did things we never saw ourselves doing! From Sister Days, Disneyland, double date nights, concerts, birthdays, car accidents, family days, Tuesday’s, creating traditions, beach trips, church, filming a show to spending holidays together, we never missed a moment together. And we’ve barely scratched the surface! This is our life and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Stay tuned as we announce new endeavors this year, discuss controversial topics and open our lives up to share what God has taught us on faith, family, love and friendship! We welcome new adventures and surprises in 2018 and we thank you for your love, support and encouragement!

With Love,

Vanessa and Michelle


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